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Carpenter Ants

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Posted by KMR on 13:36:25 6/9/2014 from

In early April of 2013, we started to notice carpenter ants (no more than a handful a day) crawling around in our bathroom, crawling along the wood siding that runs along 3 walls in the bathroom and also frames the window in there. They would crawl out from the wood framing the window and from around the edges of the wood covering the walls. I went and got a couple gallons of a national brand of ant killer from our local home improvement store and sprayed the perimeter of our house. A few days later I noticed a 2-3 inch long winged black winged insect crawling out from behind the wood covering the wall under the window. Not sure if it was a carpenter ant or not and I didn't think to save it for an expert to examnine. After that incident we had a regional exterminator headquartered in Moorestown, NJ to come out and look at the property to see if we had a carpenter ant problem. Long story short, he came out and looked around inside the house, up in the attic and outside and we saw carpenter ants using our cable tv wiring from the pole to our house to get access onto and presumably into our house. We had the exterminator to come and spray inside and out. As you know, last year was killer year in the SOuth Jersey area for carpenter ant problems, and we had them out to our house almost every month to spray in and out for these ants which seemed to become more numerous in the house, the more we treated it. They would leave their dead on the sink in the bathroom, on the floor in the bathroom, even in the tub. One night last summer I noticed a line of them crawling along the stucco wall on the back of our house and had them come out and spray. One morning in July we watched a group of about 20 of them come from out of nowhere and swarm on a dead beetle on the floor of a bedroom. On several evenings that same July I watched at night troops of them crawl up the side of my house and enter, and later exit, the basement through a rotted beam along the edge of the outside roof. They seemed to be carrying some kind of brown pellets into the house. The exterminator thought it might be food they were bringing in. All summer, nearly every month, I was calling to have the extermintors come and spray and each time after they sprayed the ants would re-appear. I even saw a few crawling in the house over the winter months an knew we must have them in the house somewhere. Easter morning, April of 2014, after a live ant dropped onto my head from the bathroom vent, I had my husband check in the attic above the bathroom for ants. Sure enough he saw many many, at least several hundred, clustered on the chimney in the attic, right next to the wall and window where they were coming into the bathroom. We also saw about a hundred more dead ones near the chimney on the outside. This must be where the ants were dropping out their dead. In May of 2014, we had the exterminator come and do the inside and perimeter outside spray, as well as drench the suspected nest on the chimney in the attic. It took until last week, 1st week of June, before I didn't see any ants in the bathroom or any dead ones dropped out to the ground from the chimney outside. BUT, after a week of not seeing any ants live or dead, this weekend I saw a dead ant dropped into the bathroom window sill. Yesterday I saw another dead ant dropped on the floor under the bathroom window, and just today I saw a third dead ant dropped onto the floor under the window sill. I have a message in to the exterminator asking them how long it takes before the spray to work, and I also am trying to confirm what they used this time. I do know that in the past year they have used Maxxthor, Phantom, and Gentrol with the results I have stated above. I know that to completely eradicate the problem we need to repair the problems that got them inside the house into the attic in the first place. The issue is that we intend to move from this house in the next year or couple of years and we are wondering if it is worth it to do the potentially expensive repairs or just keep spraying until we move?

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