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Do mice have sensitive feet?

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Posted by Mike Green on 6:41:46 1/11/2009 from

Hi all, I was wondering whether mice might have sensitive feet. Here's the deal ...

Moved here a couple of years ago. There's a barley field to the side and to the back and on a regular basis, especially at harvest time, we have mice all over the house. We get rid of them all eventually - our cat usually killed some (she's gone now) and I usually kill the rest with snap traps. However, I recently got up close and personal with what I thought was the last one on our kitchen worktop, me with huge metal spatula in hand. Suddenly, as he stood up on his hind legs, sniffed the air and "looked" at me, I realized how incredibly cute he was. I simply couldn't bash him and let him get away (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it). I immediately set up the old ramp to chair with cardboard tube/chocolate and bin below (with cushion of course to break the fall) and within an hour had caught three. Took them to a local wood and released them in a sheltered spot where there's old ruined outhouses etc (hope they made it).

The thing is we'd never been able to figure out how they were getting in. One thing always puzzled me greatly and that was that they are ALWAYS in the attic first, sometimes for a week or two, before we see any signs of them downstairs. You can hear them running along the ceiling of the lounge, kitchen etc (we live in a bungalow).

But now I think I know. The barley field I spoke of is about eight feet above ground level and comes to within about ten feet from the front corner of our house. At that end of the house there is raised decking (ie up level with the field) and a passage way runs down the side of the house underneath the decking. At the front of the house/end of this passage there is a door and the lintel above the door basically joins the field to our house a couple of inches below the level of the roof guttering. So my theory is that mice are simply leaving the field, walking along the top of the door lintel, making their way along the guttering and entering the attic under whichever one of the roof tiles takes their fancy. I've now heard a mouse running along the guttering, so I'm fairly sure.

So back to my original question - do mice have sensitive feet? Only joking of course (I'd say they have extremely sensitive feet), but is there anything I could paint on or attach to the top of the door lintel to keep them from walking along it? Apart from glue LOL. If not I will be taking a sledge hammer to the lintel, so we lose our door which would be a shame as it stops strangers getting around the back and is a nice feature to boot. Any advice would be very much appreciated.

Sorry for such a long post, I simply had to get that off my chest LOL. And great site by the way ;)

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