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what kind of pest do i have?? please help!!

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Posted by susie on 13:18:24 11/4/2009 from

hello. i am glad i came across your site because i have a very scary/odd situation that i could use some advice with!

i live in an updated 3 flat apartment building in chicago, il. and i have been there for 2 years. about two weeks ago i noticed some black specks on my bedroom floor. they came about 20 at a time and showed up once a day (when i got home from work) and i cleaned them up right away, each time. when it became consistent, i started researching feces of house pests and found that they might resemble cockroach frass, but i cant make a deduction as ive never seen a cockroach or its waste. i decided to move all the furniture in my room and clean everything out head to toe. i did not find a nest or any bugs in my room. after this, i laid out several roach poison traps in various areas in my room. for two or three days after this, i noticed only a few of the dark poops on the floor , i figured the poison was working. then when i got home from work yesterday, there were several hundred of the specks on the floor! now i am becoming very worried and hope you can give me some advice!

here are links to close up pictures of the droppings i am finding. the other object in the image is the side of a shoe. the size of the feces i am finding are very close to the size of a poppyseed (quite small--too small, i think, to come from a rodent).


things to note:
1. i can only find the droppings in my bedroom. they are not in my bathroom (private bath in the bedroom) and they are not anywhere else in the house that i have noticed

2. they were consistently appearing near my computer on the floor, but when i found the hundreds yesterday they were strewn about, mostly near floorboards and other hard objects, like my bed and a chest. i have checked the inside of my cmoputer for pests.

3. there are french doors in my room that lead directly to the outside

4. i am very clean and do not leave any food or open containers of anything that once contained food in my room.

5. i have never seen a roach or any kind of bug in my house.

6. the majority of the droppings only appear during the day time. in the morning when i go to work the floor is clean. when i come home from work at 6, there are droppings.

7. i have a cat and i have checked him and his areas thoroughly for pests.

8. my roommates are not having pest issues and our building it sanitary.

do you think these are roaches? if so, by the quanitity of droppings i found yesterday (id say about 150- 300) do you think i have an infestation? could my cat get ill from exposure to the droppings/pests before im home to clean them up? ( i have moved him to a friends house for the mean time, just in case).

i REALLY appreciate any help you can offer. thank you so much!

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