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overrun by chipmunks

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Posted by steffie on 15:51:54 7/14/2010 from

Hi John - sorry it's so long....
New problem - called Wildlife exterminator and he put out 8 traps that he will replace next week. That will not take care of much of my huge population. For the first time they are in the front of the house. My car is parked between the 2 stone walls with mulch and bushes by the front of the car and on the top of one wall in the mulch are a few chipmunk holes. I am worried about them getting into my car hood -- what can I do to deter them from the car. Didn't think of that until the exterminator mentioned it but had no answer to how to keep them out. Can not put the car in the undersized garage that is part of the house and can not pull it back to the grass area as that is where hubby parks (right to the sidewalk). I know there is more than 1 or 2 in those holes and most of the traps are in the back of the house as their den under the shed must be humungous and the back yard is full of them. No cats in the area any more either.

There is another den further down in front of the house also so there are 3 traps set out in the front. He said the holes on the side of the house are moles or voles and not chipmunks.

We are not allowed to trap and release here in MA and I asked him about the bucket of water with sunflower seeds on top but he said since we have quite a few groundhogs passing through it is a really bad idea as it would attract the goundhogs more (plus hubby needs back surgery and I can't man the drowning pool). Their den is down the street on someone's property that goes uphill and the people don't care as the hogs go down and not up. No mercy. Also all the neighbors have bird feeders and refuse to take them down. Not much help. For some reason they eat at the restaurant elsewhere and live in my yard.

When they are done with the traps then comes the guy to mulch and prune and so I figured I would use the coyote Shake Away product in and around the holes before they mulch or should I just wait until the mulching and pruning are done as I sort of know where the holes are or would you have a better plan.

What can I do to protect my car? I have heard Bounce dryer sheets. Are these used or new? I have also heard sprinkle lemon juiceAaround the car - from the car shop???? Also Shake away says to sprinkle some under the hooded area of the car.

Please, any suggestions as I can't do the haveahart traps myself and afraid to use rat traps with my extremely bad immune system.

Can chipmunks carry rabies -- I am allergic to the antibiotics in the rabies vaccines and already know I couldn't have one if I needed it. If some got under my hood is there any chance of body parts coming through the vents inside?

Hope you have some suggestions re my car. Can't keep the traps going more than they are doing as money problems. Costing $295 for putting them down, a check up and change places if needed next week and then the next week they take them away.

Thank you really very much.

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