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Boy, did I goof

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Posted by steffie on 0:56:15 7/27/2010 from

The wildlife guys put out the 8 rat traps in the boxes amd whem they picked them up all they found was 6 with a couple of body parts, 1 licked and 1 not touched but set off -- all but the last 2 were moved from their original places. The next set they put out lasted 2 days as all the boxes but 2 were moved that night and the next day there was a large possum lying there with his head stuck in the box (not dead). I called and told them to take them all away NOW. Meanwhile there was a rabid skunk in the back of the yard and it took the animal control officer 45 minutes to get here and of course it had moved on -- slowly, staggering, shaking its head and falling a couple of times but I was not going out there to watch where it was going as I am allergic to the antibiotics in the rabies vaccine. I presume wherever it went it is dead by now. He looked around and figured it went in a hole under one of my neighbors pool shed but couldn't do anything about that if that's where he ended up. Haven't gone over there to see if anything is smelling and the neighbor is away on vacation. Lucky them.

Do you think I was actually attracting other animals into my yard by having the traps out there? They left them there for a week before checking or taking away and I had been smelling skunk more since they were out there.....or it could have been a racoon after the carcasses. My close to the house next door neighbor thinks the groundhogs, fox, chipmunks, squirrels, etc. are "cute" and besides the sunflower seeds in one of her many birdfeeders I wouldn't be surprised if she was feeding them with scraps. She claims her inside cats like to watch the animals and wants them to come around.

Can you imagine if I had been able to use the bucket/sunflower chipmunk ridder -- I would have had a yard full of everything eating not only the seeds but the carcasses.....so the munks live on. At least we got 6 so even though it may not work I have some of the natures defense and will throw some of that around and pray. Taking some bushes out also, esp. the one with the burrow directly in the roots by the stone wall by my car. Perhaps that may discourage them from my car area at least. Don't want a surprise in the fall/winter.

Can't afford the $400 to plug up beneath the shed either with screening and whatever dug down into the ground and the grass taken off in one piece and put back down so again, I guess I will take my chances with sprinkle, sprinkle and pray. They are going to bolt the warped bottom of the shed door and put new screening on the vents as there is evidence of activity in there. That's $95.

Any suggestions for under the hood of my car would be appreciated.

Thanks much.

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