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Question about obtaining a permit in Michigan

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Posted by Traci on 12:54:03 10/23/2010 from

A couple years ago I re-landscaped my mom's backyard with new sod, shrubs, etc. Looks beautiful but now the squirrels are digging up the lawn burying nuts and retrieving them and holes all over the garden area. I know I can't eliminate all of them but it would help to decrease their numbers. I have also noticed a opossum and raccoon in our yard. The opossum was in her huge yew eating the red berries. Our neighbor constantly puts food out for the squirrels (peanuts, corn cobs) which she throws in our yard which entices these animals to come in. BTW, I can't plead to the neighbor, we had issues with her dog using my mom's backyard for a toilet a long time ago while they were in Florida, so hard feelings there. It drives me nuts to see all my hard work get destroyed. I just recently bought the Havahart 1040 but just learned from a family member that I need a license to trap. I called Animal Control and they told me to obtain a 'permit' from the DNR and that it's free. Long story short, they e-mailed me a "Wildlife Nuisance and Damage Control" permit application which of course is for businesses! I need just a "Nuisance and Damage Control' permit. I have included the paragraphs here which outline their regulations. It states that a Conservation Officer will come out and inspect on a 'case by case' basis re: the animal complaint. Really?? All I want to do is relocate squirrels with the trap. Animal Control charges $5 to dispose each animal. My question is, will they refuse to issue me a permit because my complaint isn't serious enough? Or does the damage have to be to your home, structures, etc.? I don't want to do anything illegal but I have already bought the trap and now my hands are tied. Any advice or comments will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. Sorry this is so long.

Under the authority of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act and the Wildlife Conservation Order (WCO), the Department administers a permit system for damage and nuisance animal control when hunting and trapping cannot alleviate problems. The permit system allows nuisance wild animals and wild animals causing damage to property to be taken during times of the year and by methods not normally allowed under the regular hunting and trapping rules.

Under the damage and nuisance control system the following types of permits are issued:

1. Damage and Nuisance Animal Control Permit
This permit, issued by a Conservation Officer or Wildlife Biologist at one of the offices listed on pages 17-18 of
this circular, is provided to the landowner, lessee, or their designated agent and is not transferable. The permits
are issued, following inspection, on a case-by-case basis. The regulations controlling these permits are found
primarily in WCO, Section 5.51 (pages 4-5 of this circular).

2. Wildlife Damage and Nuisance Control Permit
Wildlife Damage and Nuisance Control Permits are the main focus of this information circular. This permit is
issued to private nuisance animal control businesses, public agencies, and other organizations. The regulations
regarding these permits are found primarily in WCO, Section 5.52 (pages 5-6 of this circular). However, Section
5.51 (7) dealing with the release of captured raccoons, also pertains to Wildlife Damage and Nuisance Control
permittees. This permit is issued by the DNR, Wildlife Division Permit Specialist who can be contacted by
calling 517-373-9329. Permittees in the “Restricted” classification are restricted from using pesticides.
Permittees in the “General” classification are required to possess a Pesticide Applicator’s License in the category 7A (General Pest Control) or 7D (Vertebrate Pest Control) from the Michigan Department of Agriculture.

5.51 Damage and nuisance animal control permit, issuance.
Sec. 5.51. (1) Except as provided by subsection (4), a damage and nuisance animal control permit shall be required by anyone to prevent or control, by shooting, trapping or otherwise, the depredations of animals at a time or in a manner not otherwise permitted by law or order. Except as provided in sections 5.52 and 5.53 of this order, a conservation officer or wildlife biologist shall make an investigation upon complaint of any person allegedly suffering damage caused by wild birds or wild mammals. At the time of such investigation, the complainant shall furnish the department investigator with a written statement, on forms provided for this purpose by the department, indicating the location, extent, kind, and approximate value of the property allegedly damaged, destroyed, or in danger of being damaged or destroyed, the kind and number of animals believed to be doing the damage and such other information as may be required. (2) If, after investigation, it appears the circumstances warrant control of the animals involved, the investigator will, except for horticultural or agricultural damage caused by deer or requests to use restricted pesticides, issue a permit authorizing their control by shooting, trapping, or otherwise. If issued, permits for restricted use pesticides shall be issued by the wildlife permit specialist. If issued, permits to control deer at airports shall be issued by the district law supervisor. (3) Permits shall be issued only to bona fide landowners or lessees, or their designated agents, and shall not be transferable. (4) Except for animals protected by part 365, endangered species protection, of the natural resources and environmental protection act, Act No. 451 of the Public Acts of 1994, nonlethal means of harassment to deter or prevent damage to private property, such as noise makers or scare devices; exclusion devices such as fences or screening; and other 5 recognized and recommended means of preventing damage which do not kill, harm, capture, trap, or collect animals shall not require a permit.
(5) All animals taken under the authority of a permit shall be reported to the department in the manner specified on the permit. (6) All animals taken under the authority of a permit shall be properly cared for and disposed of as directed by the permit or this order. (7) Effective February 1, 2000, live raccoons captured under a damage and nuisance animal control permit shall be possessed and released only as follows:
(a) Raccoons, if released, shall be released only in the same county where captured and if held in captivity shall be isolated in a manner to prevent physical contact with animals not originating from the same county. Each cage shall be tagged by the permittee with the county of origin and date of capture.
(b) Cages and areas used to hold raccoons for release shall be constructed of materials that can be effectively
(c) If a raccoon has come into physical contact with a raccoon originating from another or unknown county of origin, both raccoons shall be isolated from physical contact with other raccoons and humanely euthanized within 24 hours of exposure.

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