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Are you having a problem with box elder bugs, or maybe carpenter bees? Or perhaps you are bedeviled with mice or even rats! And you might be concerned about roaches or maybe even bedbugs. Select the links to learn more, then come back here if you still have questions. Many of those questions will have already been answered right here on this board.

HELP ME!!!...Some Roach questions...

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Posted by Matt on 11:12:44 6/4/2011 from

HELP!! We recently found roaches in our home!! We have lived here for 15-16 years without an issue, and now...YIKES!!! Our House is a one previous owner home, who had the home built in the mid 1950's, and then we purchased in the mid 1990's.I am beside myself with this situation and am madly obsessing over the assumed "hopelessness" of everything I am reading about this situation!! ( "Avoid the Internet!!", as my spouse keeps telling me, "too much misinformation and horror stories!!") We are doing an intense cleaning, etc., of the home, and just "decorated" our Kitchen, ( the only place where we have seen the pests, so far!!( fingers crossed!!)), with those lovely "little dots" of DuPont Advion gel. My questions are as follows-

1) Your Website in the ONLY website that states that it IS possible to COMPLETELY eradicate your home of roaches, IF it is a "free-standing" home, (which our home is free standing!) when all other websites basically just mention the word, "control"...is this ACTUALLY true?? Does the style of home makes a difference with the "ease" of complete eradication?, i.e. Two-Story vs. Ranch, (our home is a Ranch Style home w/ basement)

2) What would you categorize as a "Mild to Moderate" infestation and as a "Intense/Severe" infestation? I saw the first one about three weeks ago,..then one several days later, and then one a few days after that,...moved our fridge last weekend, only to see 7 or 8 scatter from the baseboard area of floor behind the fridge. We placed 12 Combat bait traps around the Kitchen area, and two Raid Roach motels, one along the baseboard area where they were seen, which has only caught maybe 6 within a weeks time, 4 "adults" and two smaller "babies", and one motel on the top step to our basement, which has remained empty and we have seen maybe 5 total this week, 1 at a time, on our counters, but not everyday, ( that includes a female with egg casing attached, which we captured and flushed down the toilet,still alive, and one stumbling and disoriented this morning after last night's Advion placement!!) We have found NO signs in cupboards so far, and no signs of roach feces en masse around hinges, etc, like I have seen on some websites.

3) We have no dishwasher unit in our kitchen, but our basement, which is unfinished, is where our washer and dryer units are located, I have read nothing about washers and dryers as a possible roach "home", but our basement is somewhat cluttered,(storage, etc.) but mostly dry. I will be cleaning and throwing things away as soon as I get there, but I am wondering,....would a Dehumidifier be an asset in the roach war as well??

4) If the Advion gel "works" in the Kitchen area,..should we be on "high alert" in the other rooms of the house, especially the Bathroom? Can placing bait/gel in other areas of the home, where they haven't been seen, a bad idea?,..can it draw them there?? Also, one website I found states that Dupont had recently reformulated Advion, making it so roaches can't get immune to it....really? Is that true?, how do they know that for certain? As roach products go, how well does it work? How long should it take before any results are visible? and if it doesn't work,..where do we go from here? Exterminator? Implosion??, (just kidding!)

5) We have three dogs, so I am concerned about their health as well as our own. We placed the Advion in very small amounts in areas where the dogs cannot get access to it. As far as Extermination goes,..how safe is it for them? Also, we have one dog that has accidents in the house, mainly in the bedroom where two of them are contained , while we are gone during the day, can this be a major factor in the roach situation?

So sorry for my "long winded" posting,..I am just VERY VERY upset,concerned and worried about this situation, and being a bit "OCD-ish", this has me in a real "tizzy" and my spouse upset with my constant obsession with this issue. I know that this is a problem that is not resolved overnight, and I must remain patient and calm. But any help/answers you may give me will be helpful and VERY MUCH appreciated!!!!! THANK YOU!!!


P.S. Why do some websites state that Roaches bite and some say that they don't?, and I have even seen a couple that states that they don't really carry diseases, and are actually rather clean?...any truth to this?

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