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Skunks, ant, and now german roaches

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Posted by Theresa on 12:32:58 7/18/2011 from

I am the first owner of a new mobile home, which is obviously not attached physically to other dwellings, but I do live in a residential area with other mobile homes, many are the older models. I have lived here for over 5 years with no issues until two years ago. It began with seeing a skunk close to my front door one night as I was taking my dog out. I immediately closed the door and stayed in. Later there were several around inside my fenced yard, and a neighbor who claimed to have some sort of nest or den where they lived under her home, she also claimed to have been feeding them. I purchased chicken wire and made a secondary barrier on my fence to keep them out, which was still pointless. Later I began smelling one of the worst musty smells inside my home, and smelled the distinct skunk odor every time I came home or just went outside. I called a "professional" wildlife specialist who safely and humanely removes these animals and repair the damage they caused. A lot of money later, and over a year, I have all of my insulation completely ripped apart from their tunneling under my floor, probably chewing my wires, and one actually made it in my house under my garden tub (the side panels kept it from getting all the way into my house), and I haven't heard from any employees of that company and their traps remain under my house with the insulation a disaster. I have had more ants coming into my house and I am not going to share my home with any type of creature, so I have been bleaching my house and every ant trail I have found. After months of doing that, it seems to have slowed down almost completely, but in the last two days I have seen German Roaches, three crawling on my bedroom wall and one in my kitchen. I am ready to move out and sell my home to someone who doesn't mind extra "pets". I have two cats and a dog, which are the least of my concerns. My youngest daughter is severely disabled and I will not have her living among disgusting creatures that are known to cause illnesses or carry diseases. These problems have only recently begun (insects) and the wild life there is no hope, unless you have some ideas. There have been movements of neighbors moving out and selling their home to the new neighbors, but I truly can't say what they brought to this area or their living conditions, I can say I am will to take whatever actions I need to to get these creature out of my life. I am at the end of my rope with first the wild kingdom making my home theirs and now the insects are mistaking my house for theirs ant hills and someone's poor cleaning habits. I assume that the insects aren't going to stay where there isn't food or water, or am I wrong? Is there a solution to my problems or should I just sell the house and let someone else have these problems? I have already spent thousands of dollars over the last three years on trying to get rid of skunks and have repairs done and literally lost that money for no difference unless two traps are considered an expensive purchase. I hope to hear from you soon, and sorry this was so long, I am just fed up with the outside coming in. I did put wire mesh over the water line and drain holes to keep the animals from ever getting in under my garden tub.

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