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Roaches outside, in the alley. How far do they travel?

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Posted by Lindalee on 16:08:28 6/11/2012 from

We live in a small town, maybe 15,000 people, in south central PA. We rent one side of a duplex, with each side being a 3-bedroom house with a basement (dirt) and large attic. Weíve lived here a long time, since 1993.

We have a fenced in back yard, beyond the fence is the landlordís garage where he stores stuff for his business. The edge of the alley is a little more than a carís length beyond the front of the garage. Thatís where everyoneís trash sits until itís collected. As far as my trash goes, everything gets bagged up tightly, then put in cans. Not everyone is so neat and thoughtful.

One night a week ago when I took a trash bag out I saw something move. I had my flashlight with me and saw that there were roaches on the cement apron in front of the garage and hiding in a crack in the sidewalk. There were about 6 total. They were BIG and reddish in color. Iím absolutely sure they were roaches; I lived in the Baltimore/Dundalk area until I was 10yo.

Last night I saw roaches again.

Between the length of our yard and the distance from the gate to the edge of the alley, thatís about 78 feet from our back porch. Is there anything I can or should do about these roaches? Are they far enough away that thereís no chance of them coming here?

Where did these roaches come from, since I never saw them before? The landlord has been bringing dirt here lately to fill in where the topsoil has been washed away along side the sidewalk next to the garage. I donít know where heís getting it, but thereís weird plants growing from it, like a vine that belongs in a horror movie! Though we donít have access to the garage or that part of the property beyond our yard, we mow that little strip of grass as a favor to the landlord. Could the roaches be coming from the dirt??

Our landlord is a grumpy man, who doesnít like to deal with women. Any time I have asked him a question, heís told me to have my husband call him. We stay because itís a nice house, good school district, close enough to where we work, Ĺ block up from the public library. And our rent has only increased $50 in the 19 years weíve lived here. The landlord likes us Ďcause we take care of the place.

I donít really like to kill outside bugs unless necessary, but if thereís any chance that these roaches could make it to our house Iíll do whatever is needed, even if thatís have a talk with the landlord!! :D

Thanks for your time reading and any help or suggestions!

Take care,

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