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Roach infestation at new (to me) house

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Posted by Katie on 9:31:18 9/6/2012 from

We recently (July) moved into a short-sale stand alone split-level house that (what we discovered upon final inspection the day of closing) had a SEVERE roach infestation.

We walked into the house an hour before we closed on the home to discover roach motels and dead roaches laying EVERYWHERE! There were multiple roach motels in the kitchen cabinets, under the stove, dishwasher, and refrigerator. In the bathroom cabinets (three full bathrooms), by the water heater and furnace - I mean everywhere!

There were dead roaches laying around in 20 to 50 dead body piles in almost every area.

Needless to say, I am a single mom and am extremely creeped out by bugs PERIOD let alone ROACHES! My real estate agent immediately called an exterminator and had a extermination set up to come out on that Monday (we closed on Friday SO three entire days without professional extermination)

Well, me being OCD, we swept, scrubbed and pretty much got rid of every single thing we could see (including the walls and the tops of the cabinets!)

The exterminator came in on that Monday and removed the (kid you not) 14 inch by 6 inch wasp nest in the attic and then sprayed the outside of the house and then the kitchen for the Roaches. We had to stay out of the house for an hour after he was done but there was no smell when we went back in.

About 3 days after he sprayed I flipped the light on in the kitchen to discover 4 LARGE and 3 baby roaches of differing colors having a "party" on my clean counters! I killed all of them, wiped everything down with Clorox wipes (and yes, I freely admit, freaked out the entire time)

We called the extermination company back (they are well reputed in our area) and I asked them to come back out to spray again. They told me I had to wait ten full days from first treatment before they came back out, I agreed. They came in exactly 10 days after the first treatment and only sprayed the outside of the house and the baseboards in the kitchen, telling my teenage son (who was home by himself at the time) that he could stay in the house.

Since then, we have seen baby roaches every day wandering around acting like nothing is wrong. We have also killed 6 very large roaches as well (one of which was caught crawling on my sons' BED!!!!)

I went online and found a site that described bating with Roach Prufe and we did that about 12 days after the last extermination. And YET we are still seeing baby roaches almost every day and one or two of the large roaches every couple of days.

As I said, I am extremely OCD, I keep all of my boxed food in sealed plastic containers, we only eat at the dinner table and everything is wiped clean (including the floors) after every meal.

Obviously, the roaches are throughout the house as my sons' room is in the "basement" (split-level home)(his room is directly under the kitchen though) and we have seen them crawling through the entertainment room and the workout room (both of which are in the basement). I have also killed them in my upstairs bedroom and closet.

I am at my whits end! The extermination company wants $85 to come back in and treat again AND $85 additional dollars every time they have to come back! I can't afford that being a single mother with no child support help from my ex-husband.

SO my question for you is: Should I treat with boric acid powder AND the Advion bait? I really want to eradicate them from my house for good! I can't believe the problem that we inherited getting this house! I'm desperate! I am at the point where I am going to have a nervous breakdown if I can't get them gone for good!

What do you suggest I do?

We live in Fredericksburg, VA

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