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Small tiny white bugs that look like grain of salt

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Posted by Jenn on 23:52:41 1/12/2015 from

I need help fast!! My house and I have been taken over by these little bugs that look like a speck or a grain of salt. I first realized this when I started getting these flea like bites all over my body. I had been having a reoccurring allergic reaction to an unknown substance and at first thought this was the problem again, until I realized they were actual bites. We have a very old dog living in our laundry room, that comes out a few times a day. So I searched for fleas, which had been the case 2 winters in a row (I know weird we were infested in dead of winter). But I could never see any kind of bug. I searched by bedding and no one else seems to really be getting bit. Then I realized I saw little white dandruff looking flakes or gel rains of salt everywhere, on couches, glass tv stand, end tables and counters. So I looked in my clothes and sure enough there they were. You can barely see them. At first glance it looks like a very small white (sometimes appear light tan) pieces of lint. If I could catch one before it hurried down in the fabric or when seen on furniture, I can squeeze them between my thumb nails and they pop like a grain of salt would and just leave white residue on one fingernail and the bug on the other, or sometimes no residue at all. I put a microscope all on my phone and saw them up close and they still just look like white lint or salt. But you can see them moving in and out of fabric. Never see legs or a bug form. My husband thought I was crazy until I showed him through the microscope even though I am literally covered on my arms, back, hips, legs, and chest with bug bites. Now I feel stuff crawling on my head. And I am literally covered in these bugs all over my clothes. I pop them all the time. And they feel like they are starting to bite my face. Not a min goes by that I don't feel a mild sting snd itch like crazy. My 3 kids seem unaffected and my husband shows no signs either. I have seen a bite or two on 2 of my kids. But I have always been one to be attacked by whatever but is around....fleas, Mosquitos, gnats. They will eat me alive in summer and barely touch anyone else. I live in my so it's cold and wintery right now, not been outside nor seen gnats or anything either.and I never see these things actually walk around. They just move in and out or you can see them squirm somewhat when trying to pop them. A time or two I have touched one with fingernail on couch to see if it will and once or twice it seem to have jumped or dissapeared( I assume in the fabric). Can you plz help me identify these things and tell me what to do. I can't take it anymore. And we are very clean people and haven't been in this house for a year. It is a double side bought off lot so no one lived here before. Thank you so much. If I don't see this message board or lose it somehow. Send me email at jessmarie1615@att.net. Thank you so much

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