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Posted by arna on 15:35:47 4/3/2015 from

Due to the presence of mice ( we have had for years) and black ants (new this winter ) I contacted an exterminator. However I immediately recognized he was a salesman and not sure they would effectively resolve our issue . I don't want to panic but the presence of both increased my anxiety. I am writing to get further information after reading the information you write about regarding ants. He didn't identify the ant and I am not sure if actually a carpentair an just cause its black
I have a manufactured home (2002) on a slab foundation however my home does not cover the slab (exposed slab on both sides) and width (short by 12"). Unfortunately I have not maintained under the home or my yard very successfullly these past few years due to health issues. Now that my health is improving I can manage addressing issues. Water does seep in which constantly creates a moisture issue so that is another concern and not a good one.
1. I am killing a few black ants daily (3-6). I intially saw one size now I am see a slighter smaller size. This is the 1st year I have seen them . I have noticed them in my master bathroom and now in my kitchen (they are separated by laundry room) . With what I read ants are attracted to moisture/damp not neccessarily dead or decaying wood but rather that type of environment? One item to address is to check if anything is damp underneath & staying damp due to a leak issue ?
2. Previously, I was considering mulching around home but now I am thinking that is probably not a wise idea since it decomposes over time or is it non-issue if its treated (i'm assuming it is)?
3. We have had a wet and snowy winter here in NY (Salem). I am wondering if I should wait until snow/ice clears & underside of my home dries to make further investigations and assessments.
4. I noticed comments about using pressure treated wood for outside (i know that in general but that will also deter pests such as ants in nesting in it?
5. I read about planters , so unless they are plastic that could be a great place for them to nest?
6. I have ants in my home so they could be coming from a colony or a satellite colony?
7. I have wooded areas all around me so unless you locate the source one can never truly rid the ant problem but can be controlled by minimizing your exposure by eliminating moist spots?
8. I also have cut wood for burning ( it is decaying some dry, some wet so I will burn it.
9. I am thinking I dont have enough data to support an infestation?
10. How will the warm weather impact the situation?
11. Like I stated I kill them . At what point should I attempt to dust or use some borax or pyrethrins to see if that helps?
Thank you for your assitance.

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