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Re: ants

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Posted by John Fasoldt on 5:47:20 4/6/2015 from

In reply to: ants posted by arna on 15:35:47 4/3/2015 from

Good for you on the salesman recognition... You probably saved yourself some consternation and maybe even money!

First of all, the mice and ants are certainly not connected, you can probably do the mouse thing yourself. Go to my mouse page (above) to get some hints. No need to panic about either one.

As far as the ants are concerned, I'm not sure I follow your tale of the slab foundation that well. Do you meant that the slab extends BEYOND the bottom of the house? And you say water seepage - do you mean from the extended parts of the slab to UNDER your house? If so, that's not good... Over the years, that slab elevation will change and you will have a further problem(s). I think you need to consult with the builder (or A builder/architect) on that one, if the original builder is not around anymore.

Without seeing it (and without being a builder/architect) you might be able to add some sort of "skirt" that would deflect the water to the ground, rather than onto the slab. Not sure how this would look, but the word would be efficiency rather than looks, if possible. Something like that would have to be removable, for inspection underneath. Might also be possible to REMOVE the parts of the concrete extending beyond the house

Just caulking between the slab and the house could alleviate SOME of the problem, but it certainly won't cure it, and you'll constantly have to re-caulk. It won't even last from season to season.

The amount you're seeing (3-6) really isn't that much, and SIZE doesn't matter, but it is an indication of your problem, which, fortunately, you can also observe.

Forget the mulch, certainly under YOUR circumstances. It's not that it decomposes, it's because it holds moisture. Not sure how you would/could check "underneath" without tearing up things...

Await the end of remaining snow before you do anything (chemical) outside. At which point you can do these things, if necessary. And of course you can use planters, although don't have them in contact with the house and don't stress the concrete that extends beyond the house by keeping any kind of weight on the concrete. You would DEFINITELY need the builder/architect in this instance.

Outside chemical treatment would be with Termidor. An exterminator would be the easiest, for an average house I generally charge about $200-$250 or so - depends. If you have the equipment you could probably do it yourself, the smallest amount of chemical you could buy would cost around 80 bucks or so. It DOES have a shelf life, I wouldn't use it beyond a year or so, and that $80 would buy you MORE than you would actually need. I usually vote for the exterminator, but you'll need an honest one, skip the biggies or the salesmen-types. This kind of application is usually a one per season deal, it can even last longer under certain conditions.

Wooded areas on the outside will always harbor ants - not much you can do about that - just concentrate on the house and, fr now, forget any pyroids or borax. Work on solving the problem WITHOUT the chemical aspect first.


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