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Re: Mice found throughout the summer

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Posted by John Fasoldt on 8:33:07 8/27/2016 from

In reply to: Re: Mice found throughout the summer posted by Evelyn on 1:09:15 8/27/2016 from

Sorry for the delay, Steve, I have been out of town for a few days... I'll answer your question first, then address Evelyn's post.

Keep going, Steve! Mice a very prolific - it's never long until they make themselves known, as you have seen.

I prefer to use the easiest and most effective way to eliminate mice; trapping. However you do it is the "best." Cheap is good too. And snap traps are great for mice, and they are cheap and reusable. You should have a RAFT of them, setting them out to best catch them. (See my mouse page for some good hints.)

Mice are territorial. So every female has her own nest, they do not socialize. The ones in your kitchen are different than the ones in your attic. Not actually "different," but adversaries. So they don't "mix." So treat each area as a different batch of mice. They can't see that far, only about 4 inches in front of their face. They use their whiskers to feel their way, so put your traps along walls, obstructions, etc. (I tell you how on the mouse page.) They're pretty amazing creatures, I have to hand that to them. But they are mostly instinctual. Know their instincts, you will have success catching them!

How many mice are a concern? How 'bout ONE...? Get busy with those traps! You CAN do it yourself. Keep on truckin' in that attic! Keep traps (don't even bait them) active in the garage, right beside the doors - catch them as they squeeze through! That's probably the main avenue used by mice - attached garages.

Don't keep food, food refuse, dog food, seeds of any sort, in your garage. They are attractants.

Sealing the areas you mentioned is definitely a good idea. But remember, it is almost impossible to actually "seal up" your house. A mouse can fit through a hole if he can squeeze his head through. That's a hole about the size of a dime... But it does stand to reason that you should do it anyway.

Get back, Steve, with any questions.

The best thing to remember, when you have to deal with mice, and we all do, and even in my own house. Mice are vermin. Don't make them into Mickey Mouse, don't convey human qualities to those mice that have invaded your home. I have an entire book that describes all the diseases that mice both vector and carry. And they soil far more than they ever eat - mice can't control their urine flow, it "leaks" all the time. You don't want that.

As far as the issue with glueboards is concerned, it is just another tool in our kit bag that is in no way toxic, can't maim anyone that picks it up wrong, such as a child or a pet. And they are also useful to exterminators in other ways, such as a "detector" of what is going on 'in the neighborhood.' And, of course, in rodent control.

And still, do remember that they ARE disease-carrying vermin, not Mickey Mouse on TV.

A mouse, introduced into the wild, will not survive. So, theoretically, you are subjecting your mouse to a (probably) lingering death anyway.

So use a trap (of some sort) and don't worry about it. We have worse things to worry about, and the mice are certainly not doing any good to you or for you...


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