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Re: John reply

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Posted by John Fasoldt on 11:52:10 9/4/2016 from

In reply to: Re: John reply posted by Alisa on 7:29:16 9/4/2016 from

I re-read your post, Alisa. The only insects that come to mind are fleas and bedbugs. With fleas, you generally SEE them, and having dogs, I'm sure you're familiar with them. The fact that the dogs have no problems probably obviates fleas from the mix.

Bedbugs you might NOT see, but there are other signs you might see - bloodspots on your sheets or pillows, etc. Generally, spiders have to be coaxed into biting, most all are not aggressive. Although some from Down Under are... (It strains credibility to assume you brought home something that only happened once you got home, so I doubt that happened.)

The "look" of insect (and spider) bites are not really indicative of what may have bitten you. That "LOOK" would be a reaction of your own body, what is observed, on your own person. Accordingly, some people are definitely more affected than others. As an example, your reaction might be entirely different than mine might be.

An exterminator would naturally look for a "target" - something he can verify would be the cause of your problem. Failing to find any, he would have to assume that the reaction you have experienced is not an animal bite. (Insects and spiders are "animates" too!)

Your exterminator did exactly as I would do - interview you, try and determine 'what's up' from your descriptions, and then look for a culprit.

It is also POSSIBLE for you to be allergic to an insect that other people are not. Such as the ones you found and reported. They wouldn't wouldn't even have to bite or sting.

My daughter, at about 8 years old, had some kind of reaction, with hives appearing all over her body, within MINUTES! I could hardly believe my eyes, I could actually see them appear! (No insects were involved or suspected.) The next morning they were mostly gone, clearing up entirely within a day or so. She has never had a reaction again, she's 40 this year... (We never found a reason.)

So you almost never know, for sure, what you were bitten by, unless you actually see it happen. So indeed, look for a culprit, and if you do find one, save it as a sample for the exterminator. Once he has a target, he'll be able to treat for it. Ethically, if he has no target, then he shouldn't ever treat.

I would be suspect to the "synthetic blanket." However, I know of no insect that would bite within the seconds you described.

And if it persists, after washing the items which you suspect, remove them from your supply.

And, in summation, if nothing is found, and it goes away, don't worry about it! You might be like my daughter!

Let me know!


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