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I monitor the Squirrel Board very closely.  I do not allow SPAM or advertisements of any type, not even my own, I do not push my services or trapping equipment on the message board.   If you wish to purchase my traps, or services, you can do so from the link on my squirrel trapping page, above.

Please don't post a general question such as, "How do I get squirrels out of my attic?"  If you haven't gone through BOTH of my squirrel pages, (above links) do so now.  They describe most aspects of squirrel control, how best to trap them, what you need to do to find out if you have a problem, and how to take care of that problem.  Read through both squirrel pages, including all the popups.  Then, if you can't find the answer you're looking for, post your questions to the board.  I update these two pages on a regular basis, so if you haven't gone through them since the last update, do it again.  (The last update is always posted at the top right of each squirrel page.)

For the most part, your question(s) have a better than fair chance of being answered already.  Oftentimes you can find the answers you're looking for by just doing a search on message board subjects by using our Search Page.  Input your search word, (or phrase) and wait a few moments for your listing of subjects.  

The message board does notify me when anyone has posted, and I will answer your question, wherever it is, as soon as I can.  Depending on the time, and my work schedule, that could be minutes, or hours.  Other exterminators also prowl this board, so you could get several answers, sometimes over several days.  Check back later for possible additions to your thread.  

I keep the message board trimmed down to about a year's worth of posts, all on one page.  (To get to the bottom of the board, CONTROL-END, and to get to the top, CONTROL-HOME.)  I prune the message board down every month or so, to keep it manageable for those that don't have broadband connections.  

If you have questions about the board, or your IP has been banned and you cannot post, you can contact me directly at the below email address.

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