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UNITED EXTERMINATING COMPANY is a full-service, state-licensed exterminating contractor, active members of our local, state, national and international professional organizations. Providing service to the Delaware Valley area for more than 45 years, we are also associate members of the South Jersey Homebuilder's Association. Geared strictly for service, our vehicles and men are radio-equipped for instant communication and quick response.  All service technicians are New Jersey Certified Applicators, holding their own state license in all appropriate categories. Naturally, all labor, chemicals, their rates and method of application comply in every respect with all present New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Federal Housing Administration (now HUD) and EPA standards and regulations.                                (Privacy)

In over the 45 years of the same continuous family ownership, we have developed an experienced staff to assist you in the course of your business.

Radio Dispatched

Licensed for everything

Ready for Anything
Our small, five-man service crew boasts over 100 years of actual field experience, all of them are seasoned professionals. United's servicemen are not paid according to the volume of work they generate and are thus not motivated to secure unnecessary and unethical work.

Professional in every way, you will find our service techs to be personable, experienced and helpful - to a fault. And since I have always believed in servant leadership, you'll almost always find me out in the trenches, on most days.

You'll notice, going through this site, that it is designed to HELP you - to help you make a decision as to whether you actually NEED an exterminator, or how you might possibly handle the problem yourself.

If you can do it yourself, I'll tell you how.  If you can't do it yourself, I'll tell you why and I'll also help you get someone that can. I have listed a bunch of "Good Guy" exterminators, if you're not near me, great guys I network with every day.


You can learn more about our New Jersey termites and what to expect, right here, on our Termite Page. And for those questions it doesn't answer, there's always our Termite Message Board for your complicated or one-of-a-kind questions.


Our main (and only) office is centrally located, in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, and our local service area is the three county area in South Jersey.  For consultation, bird control, accredited inspections and specialty termite work, we will cover almost all of New Jersey, from the New York area, south to Delaware.  Our current rates, for WDO Inspections and Reports are listed here.  For special requests and appointments, please contact us at the below address:

Our experienced, helpful office crew is in constant radio contact with all of our servicemen, they also have an intricate knowledge of standard exterminating procedures in the Delaware Valley area and the State of New Jersey. Office staff and service techs are able to make command decisions on the spot, and can handle virtually any request or problem you might encounter.

United is licensed, insured and experienced in every part of the pest control industry. While we have garnered an extensive private clientele over the years, most of our business is concentrated in commercial, termite and government work. We specialize in termite control,  FDA regulated food preparers, and bird, animal and other pest control services to railroads, municipalities, large buildings and warehouses. Our parent corporation is United Service Industries. Information regarding the ownership of UnExCo is here.

A respected name in our industry, United's single and long term ownership results in a dependable service history for our customers. We use every industry-approved high-tech tool to make our work more efficient. Since our business is based on service, we have a unique radio and telephone system will take and relay an important message to us no matter where we are - even if we're in a crawl space somewhere! We maintain a 24/7 connection to the Internet and our own two-way radio system.

Our radio and telephone systems are designed and built so that you'll never have to do any of those stupid button-pushing menu routines, or listen to a recorded voice give you 15 choices then dump you on hold with some too-loud music. So that when you require something unusual, need special or personal service, you know we can be reached - anywhere!  Go to our Radio Page for the details.

Would you like us to send you a price quotation for any of the services described on these pages? Just fill out this form and we will reply by email, with a quotation based on, and tailored to your personal requirements. Please include your phone number if you wish us to call you.

To find an experienced, professional and expert exterminator in your area, please visit the International Pest Control Operator Page.  
International Pest Control Operator Network

HERE, ON THIS SITE, I'll gladly use my years of experience to answer any question you might have regarding this industry. I'll also tell private homeowners how to perform a procedure all by yourself, at no cost, with materials or supplies that you can find locally and don't have to buy from me. I will also strive, personally, to answer every single Email received in our office, generally within 24 hours.

Speaking of questions, you have questions? Just use our  Message Boards for your questions - and be assured of an answer you can understand and for absolutely no charge.

I keep this site in flux and under constant construction.  If you have any comments or
recommendations about my Web site, you can tell me about it
right here.

United has never done any phone or e-mail soliciting and will never sell, transfer or divulge our database of customer files. All customer related files are kept on computers that are not connected to the Internet.

You will never see advertising banners of any sort on this site, we neither set nor collect any cookies on your computer, and your email address will never be sold, transferred or given away to anyone, for any reason, without a court order! We do track your progress and visits through our site for our own statistical information only. Absolutely no changes are made to your computer.

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