The Tree

Mike's Tree Service, out of Elm, NJ took on the job.  Specifically, as the star of the show, it was Mike up there in that there bucket, just doing his job.  Mike did tell me he hates to take down such a nice tree like this, and since he saw no signs of disease or rot, said it could have gone another hundred years.  It is truly a shame. Everyone loves a tree.

Kresson Road's Proudest Oak

First the Electric Company guys show up to cut the parts of the tree that overhang the wires. After that, Mike takes over, starts at the bottom, goes up, carefully pruning small pieces of the tree and lowering them down to the ground.  Even taking these pictures got me dizzy - Mike must have nerves of steel.

This is a tall Tree!
Higher and Higher....
Until you reach the top....

Slowly, over the next couple of days, the tree comes down, piece by piece, this was not an easy job, this is a busy street and they only stopped traffic when absolutely necessary.
One of Kresson Road's tallest oaks

Gone forever
Abandoned now, and just a huge stump, our old oak tree no longer shades this part of Kresson Road.   A sad ending for such a grand old tree.

The last day, Mike earns his money for sure.  Check the size of that tree trunk! You don't do this tree with equipment you get at Home Depot.  Mike, bare to the waist the entire time, finished the job with aplomb.
A Fallen Giant

But before he finished the job, he came over to ask us about his termites. Sure, Mike, we do that!   To make a long story short, we did Mike's house for termites and we also made sure he had a free United T-shirt, since we never saw him use one.

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