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What Does it Take to get on the Good Guys Page?

Well, it doesn't take money....  None of these companies or individuals are either asked or required to pay for any listing or referral they might get from this site.  I urge any exterminator that insists on "paying me," to just make a donation, in both our names, to your favorite charity.  My favorite, in case you don't have one, is The Salvation Army.

To get on the Good Guys Page, what it DOES take, as far as I'm concerned, is a basic old-fashioned interest in the customer, sort of a "country doctor" outlook, one that includes honesty, the prudent use of chemicals, (otherwise referred to as IPM) efficient service and only the utmost reliability in every shape and form.

You will notice I didn't say "cheapest."  We all know that "cheapest" isn't always the best way.  In fact, it almost never is.  A consumer, in need of an exterminator, is faced with a wide array of choices, just open the ol' Yellow Pages.  Since our industry is really an expertise rather than a science, all exterminators will have different specifications for what they do.  The consumer's job is to figure out which ones are using smoke and mirrors and pick the one(s) that will "do right."  Not an easy job in today's world.

The gentlemen I have listed back on the "Good Guys" Page are dedicated, careful professionals that are there to help the customer, not themselves.  I trust them all - you can too.

If you're an exterminator, and want to be listed on the Good Guys page, please
look at this.

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